Radio Nepal had an official transmission of 4 hours 30 minutes in 1951. Now that’s when radios started out in Nepal. Through the decades, radio broadcasting flourished into a household name for the old and the young. The 90’s especially saw the radio’s popularity reach apex heights as pop music created waves around the world with the likes of JLO, Shaggy, Ricky Martin, Back Street Boys and so many others on the driver’s seat. Although the intrusion by television and increasing popularity of the internet dampened the reign of the radio, it still has a loyal fan following. There are still a good number of people who regularly tune in into their favourite radio station.


So before you start dismissing radio as an outdated broadcasting platform, let us introduce you to the pioneers of the fast growing trend of internet radio on our side of the world – Revolution Radio. Despite what everyone says, there are people out there who are still very passionate about radio and a few of them have actually made it their mission to keep radio alive.

RVL Radio started off at Manoj KC’s room when Ashish and Prasan Syangden (famously known as the Rhythm Brothers in the Nepali Radio scene) came over for a recording. FM had reached a point where it had begun to stagnate, and the trio felt that it was time to target a niche group through the modern internet radio. After a survey with NTC showed 6,50,000 internet users in Nepal, they thought internet would be a good way to get to their desired target. Passionate and with a huge experience under their belt, they decided to take matters seriously and start out the studio (Much to Manoj’s consent who was starting to worry about his privacy after the guys were having ideas about using his room as the studio).

Presenters were not a problem either. In fact, they never actually had to post job vacancies. With veterans like Yanik Shrestha volunteering to join along with other passionate presenters, RVL was up and running in no time. Purely creativity driven, the voices in RVL radio bring you the raw truth as they are anything but commercially run. They make full use of their freedom of speech. RVL is now basically a global platform for anyone and everyone who loves radio and would like to keep the radio-hood alive for the present generation and the new.


Usually, when you tune into the radio, you are either left at the mercy of listening to religious hymns played during the early hours, forced to listen to a boring program being aired or have to bear through the usual news updates. Especially for the Nepali locals abroad, who are sometimes forced to listen to those hymns half drunk after a party because our mornings are after hours there. What if you wanted the freedom to choose? So something had to be done about it. Keeping both the local and Nepalese crowd abroad in mind, RVL came up with this revolutionary internet radio platform to offer nonstop entertainment round the clock, with the listeners having the freedom to choose through their genre of music or the program being aired.


There are practically no boundaries as to what can and cannot be done at RVL Radio, as long as they are within ethical grounds. The presenters basically have the freedom to come up with their inventive shows. There are creative and innovative shows like ‘Covered’ where Nepali internet (YouTube) prodigies who record their own songs or covers are played. The shows that they bring to the listeners are a little out of the box, and that’s putting it lightly in the context of Nepal. There are other shows like ‘Girls on Top’ and ‘Turn it On’, which shed light on less openly discussed topics on sex and human sexuality. Blessed with an arsenal of immensely creative crew members, RVL basically shuns the commercial pattern and believes in creating new markets instead.

RVL radio also brings to its users a list of variety of musical genres (Rock, Pop, Dance, Blues, Nepali and Love Songs) they can choose to listen to, if they are not interested in the on air programs. Apart from that they also have an innovative concept of the Rev Cam.


The RevCam is a webcam that allows viewers to see the presenters present the shows live. The inquisitive viewers get a chance to see the radio station and how it actually is behind the scenes, while others get to see candid moments where presenters absentmindedly pick their nose on live camera. More importantly, the RevCam makes RVL a radio show that you can watch. Apart from the presenters, the RevCam has also featured shows like Jazzmandu, Fashion week, etc live which especially gives Nepalese people abroad a chance to enjoy what’s happenings in Nepal.




By the looks of it, RVL is just getting started. They recently came out with an android application and will soon be coming out for iOS users too, enabling listeners to have access to RVL on the go.

Another concept in the pipeline is collaboration with television. Their upcoming show: ‘Radio on TV’ will broadcast the radio shows on live television as well as their website so people can enjoy both video and audio according to their preference or availability.

With so much more to expect, the Rhythm Brothers might be making a comeback after all…

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