1 Originating in Turkish fields where soldiers used to grill chunks of the freshly hunted animals skewed on their sword, it was brought to India by the Afghanies and popularized by the Mughals, Kebab can be called one of the most versatile dishes known to the world. The traces of Kebabs have also been found in the earliest Asian and African cuisines in one shape or another. Traditionally known to be chunks of mutton or lamb meat that were skewered and cooked over slow heat, Kebabs have come a long way since then, and have been adapted based on its local preferences and culinary influences. Kebabs now consists of a variety of  ingredients such as minced meats, seafood, vegetables, and fruits, with beef and chicken as common meats..


Through the 10 day event, Trail of Kebabs by Vivanta is not only aiming to promote the dish in Nepal, but also showcase the skills of their Demi Chef De Partie, Chef Gyan Bahadur Tamang, at Mynt, their global cuisine restaurant. Chef Tamang joined IHCL in 2014 and has worked with various Taj properties across India, creating masterpieces primarily with Indian cuisines and spices for 5 years.

In 2019 Chef Gyan was transferred to the latest IHCL property in Nepal- Vivanta Kathmandu. Chef Gyan has now been showcasing his culinary skills in his home country since June 2019. Trail of Kebabs is more than just a food festival for him, it is him showcasing his assortments of Kebabs with his own modern flair to his country. It is his tribute to his chefs in India who introduced him to this cuisine!


The Trail of Kebabs event will be held from 18:00 hours till 22:30 hours every day from 19th July 2019 till 28th July 2019.

This promotional event is priced at NRP 1500++ per person for a feast of 10 varieties of Kebabs and surprises. They also have another package which is priced at 2000++ which also includes unlimited alcohol. If alcohol isn’t for you then you can also enjoy their huge assortments of mocktails within this package. 

For more information and reservations: 

Vivanta Katmandu

Jhamsikhel-03, Lalitpur




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