Webster University is a private, nonprofit, accredited university offering a balance of arts, sciences and professional undergraduate and graduate degrees. Webster University, founded in 1915 with its home campus based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, is the only Tier 1, private, nonprofit university with campus locations around the world including metropolitan, military, online and corporate, as well as American-style traditional campuses in North America, Europe and Asia.

In Asia, Webster has a campus situated in Thailand between the coastal towns of Cha-am and Hua Hin. Webster University Thailand boasts a beautiful 40-acre campus where more than 400 students from over 60 countries have come to pursue their degree, amongst which there have been a number of Nepali enrollments as well.

With Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city, a few hours north, a regional airport and train station nearby, the best of Thailand is available to students. The King and Queen of Thailand call Hua Hin home, and it’s no wonder why.

Housing is minutes away from the Gulf of Thailand. Travel to other parts of Thailand is made easy by road, rail and a regional airport. Regular shuttles take students from campus to housing, to downtown Hua Hin and Cha-am, as well as weekly excursions outside the area.

Campus facilities include classrooms, library, computer labs, athletic facilities and a basketball court along with cafeterias. Students who study abroad live in double rooms off campus in a hotel that features a swimming pool and restaurant.

Students have the liberty of either preparing their meals in their rooms or they can take advantage of the inexpensive cafeterias on campus and wonderful markets in town. For recreation, students may spend the day at the beach or enjoy the sports facilities on campus.

Optional excursions to other areas of Thailand and neighboring countries are easily arranged, and many courses integrate field trips into the academic program.

Prabal Saakha, ex-student and Nepal’s country representative of Webster University, explains what the University is all about: “Unlike several institutions, Webster University in Thailand is not an affiliation but in fact is just an extension of the university in US. So, students have the liberty of getting an American educational degree without having to go over seven seas.

Webster University Thailand is closer to home so parents have the added benefit having their children closer to home but without compromising on the quality of education. Furthermore, the university has a collection of diverse students from different backgrounds and cultures which is the perfect platform to make sure that students are exposed to broader perspectives.

Currently around 40 Nepalese students are attending the undergraduate and graduate programs at Webster University Thailand. Each year about 25-30 students start with Webster University in Thailand and a lot of them transfer to the US campus after spending a year in the Thai campus. Business, Management, International Relations and Media Communications are the most popular programs. For those who are interested, there are intakes taking place this October.

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