Photos: Bibhas Maharjan Suwal

Location: Embassy Restaurant, Lazimpat

On the Photograph: Mr. Ananda Patuwar from Garud Securities

Big burly men with arms the size of your thighs, multiple neck rolls, wearing black tight fit t-shirts and dark shades who are often seen dragging drunk fools from the dance floor by their cuffs. All in a day’s job.

Working security is one of the toughest jobs there is. Apart from the annoying inebriated people you have to deal with, you have to be disciplined and intimidating at all times. If intimidation and verbal persuasion fails, it might call for situations where you have to get physically involved.

In Nepal, most security personnel and/or bouncers are former police men, army men or players of some sport. Bouncers are often falsely perceived as mean bullies drunk on power. The bottom line, however, is that the job of a bouncer is to protect interests of the bar or establishment you work for. They provide security for a certain area.

And it’s not easy. Do you fit the mold to become a bouncer?


1.Education: It might come as a surprise to many, which is accountable to the faulty presumptions people have about bouncers, but education is a necessity in the job. You will have to have a minimum of an SLC certification.

2.Background: It helps if you have sort of training in other security forces like the police, armed police force etc. Training in martial arts of some sort is a real plus point too. There might be situations where you will have to get physically involved and with the fitness craze in high gear, there might be people bigger than you. Knowing a little extra might just give you the upper hand and avoid the chances of you being on the short end of the stick.

A part of being a bouncer is looking intimidating, and that’s difficult to do if you have a pencil neck.

3.Built: A part of being a bouncer is looking intimidating, and that’s difficult to do if you have a pencil neck. You don’t necessarily have to be the biggest guy in the room, but a little muscle mass really helps. A gym membership and passion can be very useful. At times, your physique alone might help avoid altercations.

4.Ability to express anger: If you can’t do that nobody will do as they’re told. You should be dominant when required.

5.Be Sharp: You have to have an uncanny ability to stay observant and sharp. Not only will bouncers need to be able to read people, but they’ll also need to be aware of a myriad of other things, such as noticing people sneaking alcohol in from the outside or little ladies passing out in a corner.

6.Ignore: The ability to ignore and brush off insults is another absolute key for the job. People will be spewing insults at you, it is unavoidable. It is impossible to pick a fight with every idiot, and it’s not part of your job.

7.Restraint: You’ll want to hit infuriating drunk people after a while. Satisfying? Yes. Productive? No. Being a bouncer has its hazards, and you’ll want to avoid any of those as much as possible.

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