“Women love being acknowledged and appreciated so if you start ignoring her or running away when she starts talking or needs you the nagging begin.”

A lot of us think that the most difficult part of a relationship is the beginning of it. Well that is where we get it wrong.

The initial days could easily be referred to ‘the honeymoon’ phase where you are not annoyed by the small/ big things your significant other does because everything is just adorable. You do not really know her well and there might be a high probability that you just like the idea of her in your head.

As annoying as it might sound the most challenging part of the relationship is maintaining it day in and day out. If you feel like you have already done your part as a man by asking her out and taking her out on a few dates and that everything that needed to be done has been done you are wrong.

Men might not always be the expressive and it is not that we expect you to go all Shahrukh khan in the middle of a yellow mustard field singing romantic songs and showering us with flowers in every date but since we are a ‘little’ talkative we expect you to also participate eagerly in the conversation and not make us feel like we are just dragging you into this.

Women love being acknowledged and appreciated so if you start ignoring
her or running away when she starts talking or needs you the nagging begin. When the nagging begins men usually wish for a mute button on the magical remote control but this is not a movie and the nagging is going to increase more the way you try to run away from it. Most women do not make issues out of nowhere and most of the things they say and do have a reason behind them. What men should know is that when there is a serious conversation going constant ‘hmm’ as answers is going to piss the woman off because she expects you to participate .If you cannot function under pressure and do not have anything to
say be honest about it and say that you are frustrated or angry at the moment and need some time to think it through so that you do not say anything you do not mean while trying to give instant replies. It is mandatory to live in the now and focus on what you can do to make sure everything you both share is making things better in both of your lives. It is not necessary that you wait for a problem or an unpleasant situation for open communication. Open communication and no space for misunderstanding is very important for a healthy relationship Also some men feel a lot of things for their significant other but they are not aware of how to express it .Well it is difficult but it is important to express yourself as clearly as possible and politely as possible in order to erase the space of misunderstandings.

As already told women like being appreciated so try to be aware of what she is doing for you and make sure you acknowledge it.If you think that it is not appreciate worthy at least tell her in a healthy way that you would want her to stop doing something that you feel is not nice. It is going to sound rude if you just go up to her and tell her to stop doing something just because you do not like
it so there is a proper pattern as to what you are supposed to do when you discuss about what you would prefer her not doing. Try not to seem bossy but say it in a constructive way so that even if there are conflicts because of this it might not seem like you said it insensitively.

Of course women are more complicated than men and everyone knows about it. But what no one tells you is that they are simple as well .Most women would not want more than a sincere, honest man who is sensitive enough to care for her emotions. How to care for her emotions? Simply listen to her and observe her reactions. Just doing that will save you from a lot of hassles.

Instead of googling things about her just ask her directly because she definably knows more than google does!

Relationships if well maintained might last for a lifetime, honesty,loyalty,trust and communication are four things which are truly important to make sure that you are not going on the wrong track. But after a while real life routine might kick in and take away the spark and excitement of the relationship. It is important that both of you try mini adventures together time and again
to make sure that you guys are not victimized by monotony. A lot of men do not understand why their S.O is irritated with the same old things and assume that it is what they call ‘settling’ but what they forget is that in order to feel alive it is important to break free from routines. Maybe join the gym together or visit restaurants you have never been to before. Even simple things to break the monotony works for maintenance would work perfectly fine.

All in all just know that you need to
keep putting effort every single day of your life in order to make sure that your relationship is well balanced and that it runs smoothly. After all the spark needs to be kept alive!

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