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what men should know about NO


When I say no to you when you ask me out on a date I mean you should probably try harder and stand
in front of my house for at least 48 hours until I change my mind. Because I obviously want to go out with you and ‘bhau khojne’ is what girls do.

When I still say no you should also probably hire a bunch of dancers and dance in the middle of Durbarmarg with all of them. Throw on a pair
of Govinda pants just for the heck of it and to encourage more men to do such things because come on, who can say no to a guy who dances in Govinda Pants right?

When I say no for a drink the literal translation is pay more for just my drink, I will probably forward you my household and groceries expenses so that
I can save up to shop more. I mean what is more attractive than my own personal ATM machine with feet right?


When I say I am not interested in a relationship I am definitely asking you
to stock up on the dark chocolates and deliver them to me whenever you think of me. A tattoo of my name on your wrist is also automatically expected, a 14 karat diamond ring would pretty much seal the deal. These are just general expectations and these are just the basic criteria to turn a no into a yes.

I would be bummed if I tell you I am taken and yet you think I am just being plain rude by politely telling you that I am taken. After all, who has fun in scoring a goal in a post without a goal keeper? We love men who are up for a challenge.

Please use the most beautiful pick up lines that are not cheesy or corny and totally original. The cheesier they are the more the chances we are to say yes. The ones girls like me instantly fall for are ‘Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?’

‘You must be tired, cause you have been running around my mind all day!’

Genuine chats and respectable conversations are pretty much overrated anyways. It is always the fake ones
who wear this ‘I know it all’ smirk and Govinda pants that win girls.

Also sometimes I might say no to physical intimacy but who am I even kidding? I should probably want you to do all the dirty things imaginable when I say “Baby not today”; because what kind of a lame human girlfriend am I to say no to the demands of my boyfriend?

If the message isn’t clear by now you either lack any grasp of sarcasm or you are part of the problem. It sucks to blame the patriarchal society time and again, but society often undermines a woman’s no. Women are expected to be the submissive partner and agree to anything and everything. A woman’s No is so easily overlooked.

As a man, you should be able to distinguish between a playful ‘no’ that might mean yes and a No that is a definite no. Life does not work out like Salman Khan movies where the girls just say no because they are playing hard to get. Forcing yourself or your intentions on a woman when she says no is downright creepy. Persistent efforts on the face of denial walk the same line too.

Sadly, it goes deeper than that. Marital rape is a very real and serious issue in Nepal and all over the world. Imposing dominance over your spouse is a crime punishable by law, but it rarely gets that far. Women are expected to agree to their husbands or other male counterparts, succumb to their every demand or need. But most of the time, a No is a No, and a gentleman should come to terms with this fact. Don’t be a douche.

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