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Getting hitched is no reason to put your grooming preferences in the back seat. Sadly, this is what happens in far too many cases. You may find it unnecessary but let us assure you that’s where you go wrong! After marriage, you should be sure to keep your guards up.

The good thing about marriage is, you inheriting a stash of grooming products from your wife. Before your masculinity starts overpowering you and you start complaining, hear us out. We’re not asking you to get your hands on her mascara dude. It’s just that you can use a lot of products from her makeup kit or bathroom you can use to make yourself look sharper. The only thing that you have to do is not let your wife know that you are stealing her expensive beauty products and also not to mention any of your washroom activities to your other manly buddies.

BREAK UP WITH BLACKHEADS: In order to do so lay your hands on some of your wife’s nose pore strips. But if you are confused about how are those thin strips going to help you get rid of your stubborn black heads than this is how you apply.

HOW TO APPLY: Blackheads are a type of acne in which the impacted pores push material out through the follicles, the bacteria’s reaction to oxygen causes the black color. Because this material emerges from your pores, pore strips can be handy tools. All you have to do is apply one to the affected area, allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes and then peel it away. Afterward, if you look closely, you’ll be able to see what appear to be tiny hairs stuck to the strip, but they’re actually not hairs at all, they’re the sebum and dead skin cells that were clogging your pores all this time.

CALM YOUR BODY WITH BODY BALM: Well, body balm is similar to body cream, but it works as a healer. Men tend to neglect their body skin, so by applying body balm on your skin tends to cope up with you skins healing as for sure you have not nourished it for years.

Body scrub: As we all know, our skin is the first thing exposed to the environments effects, such as dust, smoke, UV rays etc. So to help your skin get rid of all the unnecessary particles try your better half’s body scrub and get rid of all of those unwanted specs.

ROSE IT UP: After doing your daily morning and evening bathroom rituals, dab your face with some rose water. Why should you do so? Because it helps make you look fresher, even though you are feeling like crap inside.

SUN BLOCK LOTIONS: There are men sunblock out in the market but if you do not have one stored, steal your wife’s. It’s better to keep your skin away from the UV rays than exposing it to the sun. Better to take precautions than cure.

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