Man Skills


MANSKILLSAs rugged and manly as getting into a bare knuckle fight might appear to be, unless you hold a title and make 
a living off it, it should be your last resort for solving disputes. It’s a primitive way of settling an argument and
only goes to prove that you do not have the intellect to win an argument or walk away from it without indulging in physical altercations. And unless it’s a rim that hits you mid dunk during a basketball game, there is no excuse for getting a black eye.

That being said, there can be times when you are forced to knuckle up so we’re not going to give you the usual crap about “the best way to win a fight is to avoid one in the first place”. Of course, you’re a colossal jackass if you’re doing it for something as petty as a guy eyeing your partner. However, we’re certain our readers have the ability to pick their battles. We’re not going to make any claims that this will help you knock a trained fighter in a fight, but what you are about to read might give you an upper hand if you find yourself toe to toe with an equal.



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