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Honestly, who even watches TV anymore when YouTube is there? For the modern man, a laptop and a wifi connection is all he needs for his time-killing pleasures. However, sometimes certain videos can get boring. One can only stand so much of Pewdiepie and “social experiments”. So, if you find yourself in a fix of boredom, here’s a list of channels you might find worth your time. These are in no way ranked, just what we’d like to suggest to you.





We don’t know what it is about sounds that delivers us pleasure. And when sounds are married with food, then, boy, it’s a real treat. Almazan Kitchen is a simple yet pleasurable take on cooking instructions. The videos don’t have vocal instructions because they’re pretty self explanatory and actually, really therapeutic.



If you don’t know who Jamie Oliver is, you might have heard of his other name, “The Naked Chef”. Now, he does not cook nude, but he approaches his cooking in a very raw manner. His style is simple yet the output is a culinary marvel. Mostly he cooks European but fusion recipes are sprinkled ever so often. No wonder his book was an influence for men to cook



This channel can be dubbed as the college guy’s cooking channel. The hosts are a couple of bros who love to cook and dish out gourmet grade items. The best thing about them is that they conjure meals out of ingredients you may pick up on a budget or just have lying around, like left overs. They also give out tips and tricks of the trade many chefs hold as a dear secret. they’re pretty self explanatory and actually, really therapeutic

We also recommend Peaceful Cuisine (a zen approach to cooking) and Tasty (short and sweet… and savory as well).




There’s more to a movie than just ticket expenses and gobbling cheese popcorn. Nerwriter1 provides just that. An insight into, not only movies but paintings, current events and everything in between can be found on his channel. He puts it in a way that doesn’t sound paranoid and as if he has an aluminium foil hat on. His analysis are easy to digest, convincing and at the end, good fodder for a conversation to impress anyone.




Documentaries are generally boring. Maybe because we mostly see them as a British voice over some footage of a cheetah chasing a zebra. Vice, however, is one of those channels that provides a gonzo style documentary. Education and entertainment is something the world desperately needs these days and the channel is filled with just that. Their catalogue ranges from politically serious to quirky and whimsical



This channel is for the more philosophically stimulant crowd. They address subject matters that concern human existence. We won’t say that they will explain life, but they pretty much do with their illustrative approach to philosophy. You’re sure to be more emotionally intelligent the end

We also recommend Every Frame a Painting (for movie analysis that’s deep af) and Vsause (for curiosity quenching).  




Apparently, Buff is an acronym for Better Understanding of Food and Fitness according to this duo of brothers. They are basically bodybuilders who are not the occasional cocky type.  They offer spectacular dietary advice and legitimate work out routines that burn you up. With the quality of video they put up, they make even stretching look like a spectacular show.



It’s always a good idea to know what you’re doing. People who want to have an idea of theory behind their workout and exercise plans on how they can better their stance in it will find AthleanX helpful. AthleanX is actually a program you have to purchase, but the host and creator of this channel gives out his tips on how you can achieve those 6 packs you’ve wanted ever since you saw them on someone else.

We also recommend Physiques of Greatness (the dude’s funny as heck) and CT Fletcher Motivation (it’s like you’ve got Mr. T as your training buddy).





AutoLife is a domestic name for us and as the name suggests, it’s everything auto. The channel features test rides, impressions and review on new releases in the Nepalese auto market with exceptional camera work. The hosts are everyday riders so you are sure to get an honest review, making it easier for you to make that big purchase, or just compare.



When motors and TV are bound together in a matrimony, it is truely holy. But when such a TV series has a YouTube channel, it’s a whole new level of divine. There’s not much to say other than that the channel needs to be in your subscription list even if you’re not into auto; their episodes are no less than the action and pace of a full production. And, Matt LeBlanc hosts it, all the more reasons right?

We also recommend Overdrive (an Indian channel which is similar to our market) and Submoto (a motorcycle vlog).




If you’ve ever had trouble with wearing suits or just have no clue in heck about it, Gentleman’s Gazette is your top choice. The channel is your one stop solution to a proper gentleman’s styling. The host gives out info on high end and classic men’s wear item and not only on how to style them but also the history. It’s always a good idea to know what you’re doing and why you’re doing and form where such a tradition comes from.




TMF as it is mostly know as, is one of the top men’s fashion channel on youtube. The channel is geared towards the modern man who is fashion savvy. They’re styling is trendy yet grounded in the classics, so their advice is digestible by a wide number of people. They have been coming out with a video on a daily basis as of recent so you can make an entire playlist for your sartorial quarries.Matt LeBlanc hosts it, all the more reasons right?




If the name is not familiar to you, the lines “ma yesto chu, ma tyesto chu, jastosukai bhayepani dami chu” sure does echo in your mind when you do something badass. Girish is the genius who created the song which was monumental for the Nepalese hip-hop scene when it started out. He works as a singer and a producer and moonlights as a vlogger. In his vlog series called KTM Lifestyle, he takes the viewer with him on his adventures and shows us beautiful sights and people of Nepal.



If you haven’t heard of this man, it is our deepest regret to inform you that you have been living under a rock. Mr. Baniya started out with photography, making short comedy sketches that went viral, and now is working on projects with big productions. The man is a powerhouse professionally and with his vlogs, he gives us an insight into his life. In them, he just shows that he is a very humble person despite of the multimedia empire he has created.



YouTubers in Nepal are not that prominent. That however is not the case for Explore Gadgets. The channel is well known on an international scale. They put out videos that provide tech tips, reviews that are unbiased and the quality of the video is in par with the likes of MKBHD, UrAvgConsumer and Everything Apple Pro. These lads do us proud!

We also recommend Alpha M. (great for every man) and Mayank Bhattacharya (man of Indian origins, so his content is more relatable).

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