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A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.

Who would not want to spend their Sundays by the pool with delicious delicacies to indulge their senses? To spend our Sunday properly we went to Hyatt Regency Kathmandu to treat ourselves this weekend with their Sunday Brunch ‘Yumcha by the Pool’. The pool view itself was enough to relax and beat the summer heat. The friendly staff who attended us with wide smiles on their faces enhanced the already comfortable environment. The sound and smell of scrumptious stir fries that seemed mouthwatering justified the ambience. All in all Hyatt ‘s ‘Yumcha By the Pool’ is the perfect weekend getaway from
a busy scheduled week and will definitely give you a week of content.

While we were at it the Executive Chef of Hyatt Regency Kathmandu personally attended us to give us an insight of the menu and the theme.

“Yum cha’s original concept follows the Chinese tradition of drinking tea in the morning or afternoon while eating dim sum. But to this side of the world only dim sum and tea would not be satisfying enough. So we came up with a fresh concept with modified menu keeping the Chinese tradition in mind and also keeping the Nepali preference of momos as the base.’ Says the Executive Chef Mr.Gopi.


It is a package with great value
for money since the spreads are wide and delicious, the meat menu keeps changing every week and it has a customized Chinese dessert menu. The menu has stirfries, rice, noodles, momos, Chinese salads with prawn, eggrolls and many more. The veg menu and the non-veg menu is divided distinctly keeping in mind the customer’s convenience and preferences. The chef has also introduced a evolved version of quiche and tarts, so you will find yourself enjoying yummy Chinese quiches here. This package is going to last till October so enjoy it while it lasts! Along with a splurge on the pool and yummy food you can also choose either a mojito or any other coca cola product with the meal. The team has done an extensive research on what drinks would compliment the Chinese taste and hence have agreed that the best drinks to compliment Chinese dishes are white spirits. We could not agree more! Apart from the relaxing ambience and great food we would strongly recommend you this package because the Hyatt Staff are trained with the Personalized Guest Training so that they attend the guests with a personalized touch. The food

is fresh and is prepared right in front of you in a hygienic way and everything about the experience is satisfying. Even though this is the first year for this scheme it seems its quiet popular with the Expat Crowd of Kathmandu.


Yum Cha Sunday Brunch Details

Venue: The Café
Time: 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Note: Children between 6 and 12 years of age are eligible for a 50% discount, while
Children younger than six are complimentary


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